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Anonymous whispered:
May I request some Mituna/Kankri redrom?

It’s a little short but I wasn’t exactly sure how to write this. It is under the cut.

— — — — —

     Cuddling up in the others sweater, Mituna Captor buried his face in his matesp[rits chest, a little tiny purr forming in his chest and lower throat at the warmth the other put off. Aw, come, come, Mituna I never knew why you dont like it when others see you purr. Kankri said, petting back Mitunas hair that he had poking out from beneath his helmet in the back.

     The Captor boy himself just made a disapproving noise. Itth thtupid. It was the same thing as every other time Kankri had asked, and Kankri was still confused. It wasnt stupid in his eyes. In fact, he found it to be the most adorable thing to ever grace his ears. Mituna only sighed. I hate it! He shouted into the mutant bloods candy red sweater.

     On the contrary, Mituna, I find it to be rather cute and adorable, He paused so that the mentally damaged troll could take that in and even let it sink before Kankri decided that it was a good time right now to continue on. You are just like a little kitten that is just even cuter. You purr and nuzzle and cuddle me and I do it right back. Another brief yet lanky pause was given to Mituna could also understand that. Listen, dear, I wouldnt lie to you now would I? The answer is I would never think of such a thing to do to my matesprit, and I am not lying when I saw that your purr is adorable, cute, and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

     Mituna didnt seem to buy it, though. All trolls could purr, every troll alive or dead in the dreambubbles knew that. But, it was true that more than the majority of trolls were embarrassed by their purring habits. No, itth falking thtupid and I hate eat.Mituna just didnt seem to want to face it that his purrs were too cute for his own good.

     The two low bloods continued to cuddle, Kankri wrapping his arms almost protectively around his dear and darling matesprit. I will not change my mind, Mituna. You are adorable as all fuck and that is that. TW: cursing. He finished up his little talk with Mituna with his trademark trigger warning list. Sometimes it wasnt a list, sometimes it was. Luckily there was only one thing on there that Kankri thought of as triggering. In reality, Mituna didnt care about his matesprit cursing.

     No, Im nit cute! The Gemini male protested once more, and Kankri just gave up. Mituna was so stubborn sometimes. Pulling his head up, Kankri kissed him square on the lips.

     The sweater-wearing troll heard Mitunas adorable purrs louden and he chuckled lightheartedly at just how precious his matesprit was. No matter what you may say or think, Mituna, you will always be adorable in my eyes. That earned Kankri a surprise peck, which he gladly returned to Mituna, the two continuing their cuddling.

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